Rarely if ever do we find ourselves in a situation where Jesus remains our focus even though our entourage includes some important persons, even unreachable superstars whom you would might see only on TV, or read about in the newspapers, but cannot reach them in any other way.

Well, I am going to tell you about such a superstar; a superstar who impressed, me and who, through his demeanor, gave us in our group a lesson in humility as rare as I have ever seen.

One of my sons, happened to attend one of the valley churches, where he met Tim Tebow and heard Tim’s testimony.

During his testimony in the church, one of the questions from the public, was this:

–        Tell us the one thing that had the greatest impact on your life?

This is Tim Tebow’s answer:

–        I was playing one of the decisive games for my team. It was the game that would decide whether we would be in the playoffs or not. I made a huge effort, reminding my teammates of our slogan, „Finish strong”. We won that game and after the game, the coach came up to me, hugged me, and told me these words: „I love you like a son. You did finish strong.” Those words touched my heart and gave me a strong spiritual meaning. Ever since that day, my coach’s remark has been following me, at every step. When I will meet my Savior, I know I’ll get more than a hug: I will have a conversation with the Savior and I hope to hear those words: “You have finished strong. And now my main concern is to not disappoint my Lord Jesus.

I heard this testimony last week and I have to confess I was very impressed, considering that it comes from a “mere football star”.

Well, this Sunday I was attending an American church where I usually go with my children on Sunday mornings. It is not a very large church, somewhere about 300-400 members. At first sight, nothing that would attract a big football star. Nevertheless, at some point during the service, I was told that Tim Tebow had walked into the church. I looked and was very surprised not only that it really was Tim Tebow, but that he sat down unobtrusively in the back, accompanied only by the family of church members who had brought him. There were no other celebrities, nor even the pastor of the church. I thought surely after the worship the pastor would introduce him and make a big thing out it. No such thing! Everything went as usual, thinking that the pastor hasn’t noticed him, even though the sanctuary is not very large, and not crowded. I was about to learn at the end of the service that the pastor DID notice him, but in his church JESUS is and must remain the only Superstar!

The service ended without a single word about this star of American football. Not only did Tim Tebow not make a big thing about his attending church (I know there are dozens of churches who invite him to speak, thus drawing attendance to them), but the pastor of this church displayed an exceptional maturity, wanting to keep Jesus the center of attention.

When the services ended. I was among the first one to walk into the entrance hall, shake hands and talk with him. He seemed very humble, and paid full attention to what I had to say. Our short conversation ended with a photo then he continued to take pictures with anybody asked him.

photo (1)

photo a

The thing I want to highlight is how God gives grace to the humble. If you remember – those who follow the sport, but not only – in the media was a big deal at that time about Tim Tebow’s success. Indeed some even ridiculed him because he wrote on the cheek “John 3:16″ playing an entire game with that little inscription on the cheeks. And then, after his team won, he knelt on the football field and thanked God in front of tens of thousands of spectators and millions of viewers. Praise God for such people who know how to be humble even when they have success after success, but are not ashamed to give all the glory to God. Tim is a true role model for us all.

The fact that Tim Tebow came unnoticed to the church, only to enjoy God’s presence; the quiet way he entered, and the fact that he agreed to have his picture taken with everyone that wished so, to me was an authentic act of humility.

Another lesson in humility was offered by the pastor, who did not take advantage of the presence of a super star to get publicity for the church. It’ s a lesson I wanted to share with you the readers of this article.

May the Lord help us all to learn to have such complete humility!

Mike Olari

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