Anti-Norwegian CPS message by Jitka Fialová from Czech Republic

Bez názvu-6.jpgWith Every day that passes more incriminating evidence piles up against Barnevernet.

Here is an argumentative discourse by Mrs. Jitka Fialová from Czech Republic, one of the administrators of the page: „Norway, give us back the children you stole”.

“I am Jitka Fialová, a mother of three and one of admins on the page Norway, give us back the children you stole. I joined the stop barnevernet movement about a year ago when I was informed about the story of Eva Michalaková. In this case, her 2 children were taken by Barnevernet after false accusations and separated not only from their mother and father but also from all other relatives, their language, their culture and from each other.

I found out, that Children’s rights in Norway are not valued like I would expect in this reportedly most democratic country in the world. An arrested criminal has far better legal protection than small children who are being taken away from their families without any provocation and placed with total strangers. Criminals can be held only a few hours in custody to be evaluated by an experienced police lawyer. A small acutely replaced child may have to wait several months for a careful evaluation of whether the conditions for snatching him or her were met!

With my engagement in this issue I want to prove that an Eastern country like the Czech Republic can be more civilized than Norway because we do care about our families.

So please join demonstrations around the world on April 16th to stop Barnevernet.

My friends in Norway, please go to Oslo, Stryn, Bergen or any other city where a protest is scheduled to join the fight against Barnevernet!”.

Octavian D. Curpas

Phoenix, Arizona






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  1. Thank you for your support and help, in this fight against the inhumane and killing Barnevernet… For a struggling father, this means the world for me… That the whole world come together and help us…


  2. Thanks for your comment, Ken. We continue to support your case until it will be resolved.
    Most of us watched this video about your baby Aria that was forcibly removed from her mother, by Barnevernet, shortly after she was born.

    Your wife’s appeal is very emotional:

    I have faith that the wonderful Aria will be returned to your family soon and Barnevernet will be completely reformed. May God Bless You!


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