Press Release from Barnevernet Boss: Will Review Cases

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Solveig Horne, the politician in charge of Barnevernet put out a press release today in response to the demonstrations held against her CPS on April 16th, 2016

In a Facebook post she wrote: „We take criticism towards child welfare seriously and give the Board of Health now the mission to go through a selection of issues in child welfare”

In the press release (here) she wrote that they will take a look at emergency care orders (like the action against the Bodnariu family) and will also review single cases.

I consider this a positive response, but not nearly positive enough. Until the culture within Barnevernet is changed, the culture of „shoot first-aim later,” no real change will occur.

This is also a positive development because it shows that the April 16th effort caused turmoil inside the Norwegian CPS. They are scrambling. They are stressed. They are in damage-control mode. They…

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  1. Solveig Horne will be coming to Washington D.C. next month. I’m pretty sure some of the protests coordinators would meet her and will have a positive discussion with her about the child welfare issues in Norway. The worldwide protests are growing and the number of people who become aware of Barnevernet’s inhumane practices is increasing.
    Here is a video from the Anti-Norwegian CPS’ protest in Hot Springs, Arkansas:


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