New Message from Cristi Barbosu

(Capture from the sermon – Dec. 4, 2016)

Dear Ani and Mike


Here is an update on my condition. I just finished the first cycle of my treatment. Praise God and thank you for your prayers – I did not have any side effects. I could do it in Timisoara (45 min away) on a weekly basis, in a public hospital with many patients but having great opportunities to share the Gospel and pray with them. Praise God I did not get sick, as in many Romanian hospitals you do. I also started a complementary treatment to boost my immunity and minimize the side effects, which consists on a radical change of my diet (no meat, dairy, sugar, carbohydrates, gluten) – everything has to be organic and home-grown. Although it’s not easy to find naturally grown products in a supermarket era, we did find some farmers that produce only organic and no chemicals involved. I also take daily dozens of vitamins, essential oils, and some supplements, some which are not easy to find in Romania. I lost 14 kg (40 lbs) in 3 months, so I look like a GQ model :).


Throughout my treatment, I maintained a good level of energy and great spirit. Therefore my ministry continued as before, with the exception of not preaching or doing events and conferences in other places, because I have to be isolated from crowds. I was heavily involved in Harvest Open Door events, recruitment for our Church Planting Training Center and preaching every weekend. I wear masks everywhere I go and try not to shake hands or kiss (which is hard not to do it, on our part of the world :). Anne and girls are very supportive of me and they changed their diet too, to be an encouragement for me.


Now I interrupted my treatment for a month, in order for my body to recover of the first cycle of treatment which was like heavy artillery in the last 6 weeks. Around January 15th they will do another biopsy and tests to see if my cancer is in remission and how much. Depending on that result, they will prescribe for me the second cycle of my treatment and file again, to see if the government will cover those expenses. The first cycle of drugs and hospitalisation was paid by the government (aprox 2000 euro a day) which was a huge blessings. Please pray that the second cycle will be approved as well.


Right now I do a complementary treatment of 10 sessions through: intra-venous vitamin C, and ozone therapy – increasing the oxygen in my blood, as cancer cells hate oxygen. All of these are done in Timisoara which is great because otherwise, in specialized clinics in Germany or other parts of Europe I had to stay for 10-21 days of treatment and the prices range between $6000-10,000 dbut in TM I do it for 10 times less.



Now I am getting ready for Christmas and lots of ministry evaluations which will take place next week with our leaders.


Thank you for your messages of encouragement, prayers and thoughts. We see God working in our lives and through our lives. Actually our elders just told me that my sermons were so powerful this fall. I praise God for His Power manifested through this weak clay vessel of mine!


Fiona came here so we are happy. She is recording now for our 3rd worship album of our worship team. Thank you for calling her and helping her.


Have a blessed Christmas! God is good!





Cristian Barbosu

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