Norway – a Pariah State

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CITESTE despre cel mai recent caz aici – BARNEVERNETUL ATACA DIN NOU 18 ianuarie 2017

Norway – a Pariah State

In just the last 12 months I have written extensively on Barnevernet and the atrocities it commits against families under color of law. Norway’s 1991 Child Welfare Act clothes it with immunity, and this explains to a large extent the many and egregious excesses this administrative body, which operates outside of Norway’s legal system and without any meaningful judicial supervision or review, has committed for many years and continues to commit.

Last year, Norway published statistical data for 2015 related to Barnevernet’s activities. [Here’s the Report:…/…/statistikker/barneverng/aar/2016-07-01] The statistics confirm what I have stated before: Barnevernet continues to wreak havoc in the lives of many families. According to the Report, in 2015 Barnevernet “assisted” 53,439 children and applied “care measures” to 10,069 children. As I explained in prior…

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