True Transformation

True Transformation
Posted in Leadership by Benham Brothers
If we are going to see transformation in our nation once again for the Gospel it’s going to require both revival and reformation.

While revival brings us back to life – re”vive,” reformation brings us back to form – re”form.”

Total transformation takes place when both revival and reformation happen together. Revival awakens our hearts to God, and reformation awakens our hands and feet to serve Him. And all of this takes place only when the truth of God’s word is spoken clearly amidst the darkness. Regardless of how dark any culture may get, when believers restate, reaffirm, and reapply God’s truth to life revival and reformation are within reach.

The opposite of all this would be to simply reconcile with the darkness – and we’ve had enough of that in America!

Let’s pray for revival and reformation today – and while we wait on God let’s set the table for Him to move by restating, reaffirming, and reapplying His truth’s to all of life.

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